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If you’re thinking about listing your home, property value probably matters a great deal to you. Obviously, you want to get the most you can for your house. But what’s the best way to make that happen?

You may have started to research a bit already about increasing property value. Maybe your realtor has talked to you about some tips. Chances are, though, you’re hearing a lot of the same things over and over again.
Conventional tips usually encourage you to remodel your bathroom or kitchen, repaint the house, and improve the curb appeal. But, what about some things that aren’t as conventional?

What are some creative, outside-of-the-box ways to increase property value and make your house stand out?

Here are five creative ways that you might not have come across yet.

#1. Add More Natural Wood

Natural and reclaimed wood are having a huge moment in the home design world right now. You can’t talk to a home designer, visit a home decoration blog, or watch any HGTV show without someone talking about natural wood. It’s taking the housing and buyer market by storm. If you’re looking to sell right away, capitalize on this trend by adding natural wood throughout your home.
You can add it inside the home via ceiling beams, cabinetry, flooring, doors, walls, and décor. For outside the house, you can have a wooden garage door, natural wood fencing, reclaimed wood decks, wooden frieze board trim, natural wood siding, and more. Look for ways to add more wood to amaze potential buyers.

#2. Remove Carpet and Replace it With Grey Floors

Everyone knows that carpet is a big no-no for selling homes. Buyers don’t want to buy houses with carpet. Carpets in your home will one-hundred-percent hurt your ticket price. You need to remove it and replace it. Doing that alone will increase your property value.
Wooden floors are always a winner. 90% of realtors agree that hardwood floors help sell homes faster. So, when in doubt, go with hardwood. However, you can take it a step further with grey wood flooring. Much like natural wood, the color grey is trending in home design, and grey wood floors are making quite the splash. So, to really capitalize on the current market, consider ripping up those carpets and installing grey wood floors instead.

#3. Upgrade Irrigation and Drainage Systems

An irrigation system isn’t usually the first thing you think of when talking about the lawn, but a sprinkler system can go a long way in impressing buyers. According to the 2018 National Association of Realtor Report, adding an irrigation system is the ninth most popular way to impress buyers and improve the ticket price on the outside of the home. So, if you live in a dryer climate where sprinklers systems are required to maintain a green lawn, it could be a worthy investment.
Alternatively, if you live in a wetter climate that deals with a lot of standing water and flooding issues, a driveway drainage system might be what you should consider. A French drain is a common choice for the lawns, but the newest thing hitting the housing market is permeable paving. The pavers replace concrete and other pavers, but instead of pooling water, they absorb it, like the ground. This type of upgrade could add value and be a difference-maker for buyers.

#4. Fix the Roof

Alright, this one isn’t the most glamorous suggestion, but a lousy roof can make or break that final ticket price. Here’s the thing, there are so many innovative shingle alternatives out there now, that you don’t have to go with asphalt anymore. You have everything from vinyl shingles to solar shingles to metal shingles and more. So, don’t skip out on fixing the roof. Not only is it necessary to pass inspection, but a new roof can also go a long way towards increasing the ticket price if you choose an innovative material.
While we’re on the roof, another upgrade to consider for increasing property value is improving your roof insulation. If your insulation is in bad shape or is currently underperforming, then it could be worth investing the time and money into getting it repaired.

#5. Add Smart Tech

If you’ve done all sorts of aesthetic fixes and you’re looking for that wow-factor, smart technology is the way to go. You can get smart lighting and smart thermostats. You can add keypad door locks and integrate a home security system. You can do heated floors, a home sound system, and so much more.
Smart tech is one of those things that could be the one thing that makes a buyer choose your house over another. Also, it generally adds to the property value as well.

Get Creative and Increase Your Property Value

These are five ways to creatively add value to your home before you list it. Think outside the box and do the things that will make your house stand a mark above the rest. From jumping on trends to practical upgrades to smart technology, and more, these are five methods that will help you increase your property value before you sell.

Contributor: Matt Lee

Matt Lee is the owner of the Innovative Building Materials blog and a content writer for the building materials industry. He is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that save money, improve energy efficiency, and increase property value.


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