March 18, 2020 at 10:11pm | Thomas Love
These are strange times indeed. A virulent strain of Coronavirus is making its way around the world and has become a major disruptor. Covid 19 is its moniker. Vacations, work trips, and travel plans of all kinds have been canceled. Concerts, cruise ships, museums, and even retail stores have closed their doors in the face of this frightening threat that now faces us. I was speaking to my wife just earlier today about this - the buying up of supplies in stores by worried masses - kind of similar to what we are used to experiencing when a hurricane is bearing down on us, but this is something altogether different. This is akin to a global hurricane. A storm that is coming, or rather, one that is already here. The question is not which port this "storm" will choose, but how long its effects will be.

For those of us in the service industry, times are particularly tough with forced restaurants and bar closures. Movie theaters are closed, along with anything that is characterized by a gathering of 10 or more people. What makes this whole situation so worrisome, is how long these conditions will last and what will be the state of innumerable small businesses that are left in its wake?

For the time being, the real estate market remains strong. Just today I found that a couple that I am working with did not win the competitive bid effort on a property in the Beauclerc neighborhood - a property that received 3 total offers within 5 days of being listed. The winning bid was apparently a cash buyer - difficult to compete with. So competition and buyer demand remain strong.

What does this crisis mean for you as a homeowner who is looking to sell or a prospective homebuyer? Well, that is difficult to predict as things are fast-moving right now with a widely swinging stock market, the uncertain outcome associated with this pandemic that we are now dealing with, and who knows what else. These are interesting times in how unique this whole situation is. After reading all sorts of news reports until my eyes become blurry, it is clear no one knows what is going to happen.

Regardless of what does happen, the world needs to keep moving, and so do we. In that effort, we are continuing to move forward and are committed to continually offer an amazing service to our clients, regardless of this pandemic. People still need to sell, buy, or rent houses, and this will never change.

Consider us if you are near the point of making a decision regarding real estate. It helps to turn to a company run by a broker who has weathered the storm, who survived the crash of 2008, and who knows what needs to be done in order to maintain effectiveness when it comes to buying and selling. We are here for you.



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