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Article Guest Author: Megan Cooper

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Having a clean home isn’t just about appearances. In fact, living in an organized and tidy environment has been shown to improve your overall well-being, according to AdventHealth. Regular cleaning can help you stay healthy, both physically and mentally, by reducing feelings of anxiety, allergens, germs, and stress levels — and after dealing with the pandemic for so long, who couldn’t use that? However, for most people, adhering to a strict cleaning routine is incredibly difficult. When rushing from place to place every single day, there is little time to complete necessary chores.
Here are five cleaning habits that you can practice to make your life easier and less stressful.
Book routine, professional fabric cleanings.
Looking to keep your furniture in top shape? Oftentimes, furniture is one of the last things people think about cleaning. Although you may frequently dust and wipe down hard surfaces, other types of furniture can go without cleaning for months (or even years). Couches, rugs, chairs, and anything else made of fabric should be cleaned at least once per year. This eliminates dust mites, odors, allergens, and stains.
Keep your furniture tidy and refreshed by booking routine, professional cleanings. If you’ve never had your furniture cleaned before, research local companies and meet with your favorites to get quotes. At this stage, you can also ask each company for referrals from recent customers.
Hire professional cleaning services for your weekly needs.
Above and beyond annual cleanings of select items, consider hiring professional cleaning services for your weekly needs. Home cleaning businesses specialize in washing your dishes, folding laundry, wiping down surfaces, and keeping your floors looking immaculate. For parents and working professionals, hiring a team of maids one to two times per week can give you the extra time in your schedule that you need.
Most reputable companies will request that you purchase a deep clean prior to starting weekly services. During a deep clean, extra attention is paid to all surfaces in your home. This makes it much easier to keep every room looking its best.
Use smart cleaning technology to make life easier.
Still planning to tackle cleaning jobs on your own? If so, various technologies can save you both time and effort. Nowadays, you can purchase self-cleaning litter boxes (and dog potty patches), robot vacuums and mops, automatic carpet cleaners, robot window cleaners, and automatic toilet bowl cleaners. There is almost nothing you can’t have cleaned by a device.
On top of cleaning robots and gadgets, smart speakers — such as Alexa and Google Assistant — can connect with various appliances to make your cleaning tasks easier. Certain washers and dryers can sync up with your smart device to let you know when your laundry is finished. You can also start, pause, or stop your washer or dryer with your voice — or on your smartphone.
Clean as you go.
Aside from cleaning services and high-tech solutions, there are simple strategies that you can use to keep your home looking amazing. The Inspired Room suggests making it a habit to clean up after yourself as you go. This habit is especially useful when cooking or baking. Instead of waiting a few hours or days, clean dishes, laundry, and anything else right away. If you’re working out of a home office, keep your desk clean and organized. Sticking to this strategy prevents messes from piling up.
Schedule cleaning duties in advance.
Taking a proactive approach to cleaning is far more effective than being reactive. Each week, plan when you will complete routine tasks, such as laundry, vacuuming, and dusting. Scheduling these duties into your week will ensure that the most essential jobs are completed regularly.
The habits you decide to implement should work well for your lifestyle. Your cleaning routine should fit your unique schedule, needs, and preferences.

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Article Guest Author: Megan Cooper


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