December 14, 2021 at 2:47pm | Thomas Love
The title of this article is what everyone wants to know right? If only it were so easy to come up with a clear answer. What we can do, however, is take a few educated guesses. there are many factors that will end up affecting what happens in the real estate world, and no matter what happens, there is some segment of the population who will benefit and some who will lose some strategic advantage. So regardless of what will happen, how it will affect you is as unique as, well, you are! Are you in the market to purchase? Perhaps to sell? Maybe you are thinking of getting into flipping? Or you might be considering acquiring some rental properties? The choices in Real Estate are incredibly varied, and we are here to help you navigate through them. For sake of brevity, it is impossible for me to get into the various scenarios in this article, but you can reach out to me anytime for a more in-depth chat.

As of now, the rate of price appreciation for American homes is finally starting to decrease. Does that mean that a housing crash is coming? I think not. The general consensus among leading economists and the like is that is not what is happening, but rather, demand and prices will continue to soften, and compared to the price appreciation that we saw through 2021, price appreciation will look downright anemic. Does this mean that prices are expected to fall? Well, for buyers waiting to get into the market, the bad news is that I don't think so. Higher prices seem to be here to stay.

For those who are reluctant to sell because of the hesitance of becoming a buyer in the market that has defined much of the past 18 months, the good news is that it may not be quite as difficult in the sense that the competition will soften somewhat - but again, higher prices are here to stay. Does it make sense to sell and then rent for a while? I think that topic warrants another conversation - one that I would love to have with you - one on one.

Rates of appreciation are expected to also vary depending on geographical location - here in NE Florida, demand is expected to remain rather strong. In Jacksonville, and Nassau, and St Johns Counties, it will likely be a seller's market for a few years to come at least. According to Forbes Magazine, housing inventory hit a 40 year low this year. That is powerful and will have a lasting effect on the state of things in the real estate world for some time.


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